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CXC Ultimate YouTube®™ Sim.

A New Virtual way to Make Videos on an Amazing Adventure! · By PC Studios


Recent updates

About Time! (Update v1.1)
For once it's actually released, but know that this game has an endless Episode-Like Campaign! Keep the Game for a Great Experience! The Campaign is Now Here!...
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Changed Game Status and Version (Update v0.4.5)
We have been accidentally making the Version on 1.0 lately, and that has been incorrect! We are on Early Access, making our game not fully released, but availa...
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We would like to notify everyone that their is a bug after exiting the Pokemon map! Please keep moving by pressing the RIGHT ARROW KEY or D to exit the level!...
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WE HAVE LIFTOFF!!! (Version v1.0 Released)
It has arrived! Come get the game before the Developers change their minds! #PixelCXC YouTube®™ Simulator has been Officially released for play! Don't del...
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Welcome to our Discussion board!  Here you can also report Bugs in the game, and share with the public and us some ideas we can use for future games and updates.  Please list your Ideas, as we are always looking to make a better Game Experience for you!

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The only thing we accept, is by including the following:

  • No Cussing/Swearing
  • No Personal Info that includes Adult Nudity
  • Be Descriptive
  • Include some Examples!
  • Be Honest, but Positive
  • Have a Reason that makes sense, and do your best to persuade us!
  • If we don't agree, it doesn't mean your idea is bad, it will be useful! ;)

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